LITTER Natural_20lb…in my opinion. I only wish the Kitties Blue agreed with me.

I was contacted by Pioneer Pet and asked if I would like to try their Smart Cat All Natural Clumping Litter. I jumped at the chance. And I have not been disappointed.
It claims to be:

  • No Smell – √
  • Ninety-nine percent dust free – √
  • Chemical, clay & fragrance free – √

Smart Cat litter is all natural. It is made from 100 percent grass. It is super light weight, biodegradable and renewable. The litter absorbs liquids and clumps so quickly (totally encapsulating both urine and feces) that no odors have a chance to release into the air. This is absolutely true. Both before and after scooping, I have put my nose very close to the litter in the box and detected absolutely NO ODOR!

Who could ask for more in cat litter? My cats!

I absolutely don’t get it…only Astrid seems to like this litter; though, I have seen Lisbeth and Calista Jo use it a couple of times. I also caught Calista Jo snacking on it twice. As it is made from only 100 percent U.S.-farmed grass, this can’t hurt her. I did, however, discourage her. She hasn’t returned to munching.

If you have only one or two cats, the 20-pound bag would probably last you all year. When I scoop, absolutely nothing is left but totally clean litter.

If I have any complaints, it would be that it does seem to hold static electricity and stick to the sides of the plastic litter box. And it is more easily thrown from the box by enthusiastic buriers.

Otherwise, Astrid gives this four paws up and I give it two thumbs up. I would recommend everyone give it a try. If your cat(s) like it, you cannot go wrong with this product.

Smart Cat is the creation of Betty Lipscomb, cat behaviorist and founder of Cats International, and her husband John. The goal of their company is to create products that enhance cats’ mental and physical health.

A 20-pound bag of Smart Cat sells for $29.99 on Pioneer Pet’s web-site. Smaller sizes are available. Pioneer Pet currently is having a 15-percent-off sale through April 30, 2015. Use code: Spring15.

Disclaimer: I received one 20-pound bag of Smart Cat free-of-charge to review. I received no monetary compensation, and all opinions expressed are mine alone.