Friendly Fill-Ins



We are back for another week of Friendly Fill-ins hosted by our friends, Annie (McGuffy’s Reader) and Ellen (15AndMeowing). Each week th select two statements each (Ellen #s 1 and 2 and Annie #s 3 and 4) for us to complete. This is a blog hop. If you decide to participate, enter the link to your post on Annie’s blog.

Here are this week’s statements. My completions are in teal italics.

1. My favorite store is Steinmart; though, I haven’t been there in at least a year. Iprefer to shop on-line and have items delivered to my door.

2. An unanswered prayer I am thankful for is _______________________. (I have nothing to complete this fill-in and so am skipping it. I am sure I have many unanswered pryers, but I cannot think of any that would work here.)

3. At Halloween, I get annoyed when teenagers show up and stand on the porch holding out a bag, not say anything and expecting me to give them candy. 

4. I totally believe in the supernatural, because once I met an angel. His name was Michael. I had a flat tire and saw what appeared to be a homeless man walking toward me. He asked if he could help. I could have called AAA, but instead I said, “yes.” It was Tom’s car, and I wasn’t really sure what to do nor was he. I read the instructions to him from the Owner’s Manual while he changed the tire. When he finished, I offered him money (the $7 I had in my purse), but he refused. I then offered him a ride, and he refused that as well. As he started to walk away, I said to him, “You are an angel.” He replied over his shoulder, “Don’t tell anyone.” I turned my back to him and took two steps before deciding to turn back around. He had totally vanished. Whenever I tell this story I get goosebumps.

My sweet and handsome angel Madison also approached me one day when I was working in the garden.


I believe in angels.


Hurricane Matthew

Please keep Mau’s wife, Allie, and her family (Friends Furever) in your purrs and prayers. They have evacuated their home on Florida’s Barrier Island. They should be safe but their home may be devastated by storm surges. We know other bloggers and friends live in Florida as well. We are keeping them and all those living along the east coast in our thoughts and prayers.