Sunday Selfies: Week #398


bag lady selfie: grey cat in a dark red plastic bag


I am not the typical bag lady, but I do enjoy a good bag now and again; though, I do prefer a nice box. Anyhoo, I am sitting in here with some glassware our mom bought at an antique/collectibles store to make flowers for the yard. You can see some examples of her creations at “Hopping on Friday with Cooper Murphy.”

Mom wasn’t worried about me getting caught in the bag and dragging it through the house, as it weighs lots more than I do.  Cooper Murphy tried to stuff himself in here, but he didn’t fit!

Mom will use a couple of the pieces in the bag along with others she has collected to make a flower to put on Giulietta’s grave. I’m certain she’ll share a photo when it is finished and in place.

Time for Hopping

Now you’ve seen my selfie, so it’s your turn to share with me, my fursibs and all your other friends. I know you want to show off your cuteness and have all our visitors ooh and ahh over you. And this is always a great place to meet new anipals and make new friends. So, please join me.

If you can’t hop with us today, that’s okay too. The hop is open through Thursday.

Thanks for your friendship and support.

Purrs and paw-pats, Kizmet