Caturday Art


Tabby cat lying in a Christmas cardboard house in pastel colors created with Lapiz and bubble foam effects from Painnt and favpng and a circular pastel frame from favpng.


Today’s art features Audrey in one of Kitties Blue Christmas houses. I had put them away in the closet for several months as they had almost totally destroyed them. I decided to set them up again a few days ago. Raleigh, especially, has been working hard to dismantle the one Audrey’s in here.

To create the art, I used the Lapiz effect from Painnt and increased the saturation slightly. I overlaid it with the Bubble Foam effect from favpng at about 80 percent. The frame also is from the favpng app.

Of course, I made a puzzle for those of you, like myself, who enjoy them.

preview120pieceTabby Cat Art

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Sunday Selfies Reminder

Darn, if it isn’t that time again: One of the Kitties Blue needs to step up, take a selfie and be your host tomorrow. You all know what a struggle that can often be. I do not expect this week to be any different, but as it is Father’s Day tomorrow, maybe at least one of them will come through for me. Of course, being Father’s Day, many of you may be busy treating your dad to extra cuddles and purrs, so we understand if you are unable to post your selfie tomorrow. But, we do hope you’ll join us before the hop closes on Thursday.

Have a terrific Caturday, dear friends.