Caturday Art

Wow, are you as surprised as I am to see me here today? After being on Thursday’s poetry post, I thought I’d need to wait a while to show off my tortie cuteness. But the Mom took some snoozy photos of me a couple of days ago, and like magic, I’m here again.

We have a small cat “tree” on the landing between the second and third floors. It has a cubby at the bottom where Giulietta likes to stuff herself. The top is a platform. That’s where Mom found me, napping with a big, stuffed mouse, cat toy as a pillow.

Our art today is unusual. It’s not one of Mom’s wildly colorful, over-worked creations. It has a vintage look and was created using adornpic. Hope you like it.


Astrid's Vintage-Inspired Caturday Art


Here’s the original photo. I was sad when my little toesies were obscured in the arty version. But now you get to see them. My grey mousie pillow also is evident.


Caturday Art starting photo


This is our entry into the week’s Caturday Art blog hop. The hop is hosted by the lovely Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty. If you do not participate in this hop, you are missing out on oodles of fun. With several free photo-editing apps available on-line, it is easy to turn your photos (even the bad ones) into something fun and interesting. To join the hop and/or see the other submissions, click on Athena’s badge.

Father’s Day Sunday Selfies

Tomorrow is that special day when we honor our human dads. To say, “thanks,” to your dad, we encourage you to include him in your selfie tomorrow. We know many of you don’t have fathers, so of course, it is not a necessity—merely a suggestion. As always, all anipals, regardless of species, are invited to join in the fun with or without their dad. None of the Kitties Blue have volunteered to try to talk our extra special dad into taking a selfie, so who will be hosting tomorrow will be a big surprise.

Until then, thanks for joining me today.

Purrs and paw-pats to all and lots and lots of kisses to my husband Sampy, Astrid