Sunday Selfies: Week #57




Sunday Selfies aren’t for shy cats, mean or fey cats. They’re for kitties who are bold and brave.

And Sunday Selfies aren’t just for cats. They’re for rats and gnats and bunnies wearing hats.

They’re for any anipal who wants to shout, “I’m proud to show what I’m about.”

If you’re a woofie, duck or bat in your belfry, grab a camera and take a selfie!

I’m waiting to welcome you to our blog hop. Old friend, new friend, just you or with a prop.

Show us your ear, whisker, eye or paw. Smile, frown, act like a clown. Sing, yodel or pout.

Whatever you do, it’s all okay. Just add your selfie whether you bark, meow or neigh.

Come one, come all to our Selfies hopping blog even if you’re a frog, hog or polliwog.

I’m waiting for you and waving “hi,” so please, oh please drop on by.

It’s okay if you are silly, mean, fey or shy. Misty May is mean and we’ve let her do selfies. And both Lisbeth and I are very shy. All species are welcome regardless of photographic abilities. It doesn’t matter if your photo is blurry or bad, shows only your nose, ear or chin.

We had a great turnout last week with more than 60 participants, including a bobcat, goose and kangaroos. Otherwise, it’s been a super quiet week here at The Cat on My Head with very few visitors and comments. We hope this isn’t a trend. We know we haven’t been able to get out and about to visit much lately and promise this absence will be coming to an end soon.

Cat4-001If you have friends who have been considering joining our blog hop but have been hesitant, give them a nudge and let them know how much fun it is. If you’d like to have the hop on your blog, you can get the code below. Please link back to The Cat on My Head and/or display our badge if you do. Many thanks!

Here’s looking at you from my selfie, Astrid (with kisses for my sweet Sampy)