I asked Mom to count and see who has had more selfie posts, and it wasn’t me. I am quite perturbed about that. I have been featured quite regularly in the Caturday Art Blog Hop, but not in the Sunday Selfies. Caturday art is nice, but you don’t get to see my natural beauty in those creations. And I am beautiful. Of course, I don’t really need to tell you that. I am an extra special, tortilicious tortie after all.

This lack of Sunday Selfies amounts to gross negligence on Mom’s part as I am readily available at almost all times. And do you know why? Because I spend efurryday right under her nose, sleeping in her lap. She can hand me her phone anytime she wants, and I can begin snapping away.

Since I have been neglected when it comes to being featured, I have declared the first Sunday of the New Year, Astrid’s Extra Special Sunday Selfies Day. And you can bet that I intend to claim a whole slew of Sundays for myself throughout the year. After all, it is important that I please my fans, especially my most handsome and sweet boyfriend, Sampy (Kitty Cat Chronicles). So…without further ado-do, for your viewing pleasure, here I am. (Don’t forget to admire my meowvolous green eyes and my super long whiskers!)


 astrid extra special


Now, didn’t I just make your day? You can get back to your Easy Sunday nap and dream of your most adorable and extra special tortie furiend.

This is our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, and I would really like lots and lots and lots of you to join me. If you’d like to grab the code and display the selfies on your blog, purrlease link back to us, The Cat on My Head, and/or display our badge. That would make me furry happy.

Purrs and paw-pats to all with a kiss for my beloved Sampy for every selfie ever taken my any human or critter, Astrid