Sunday Selfies: Week #486

Astrid curled up partially on my chest and partially on my shoulder yesterday, and a miracle occurred. She agreed to snap a selfie. Unfortunately, as she does so often, she turned away just as she took the photo. I still think she looks pretty good.


Tuxie cat selfie framed with a Christmas Wreath.


Each day and each week since Misty May passed away, Astrid has gained confidence. She’s beginning to spend lots of time downstairs with Dad Tom and me! Much of that time, she is sitting on me. She also enjoys burrowing into my neck and tap dancing her signature and unusual four-paw knead on my stomach. And she loves to wake one or the other of us up super early. I try to pull the covers over my head before she realizes I’m awake.

Right now she is draped across my stomach and blocking the computer screen, which is one of her favorite tricks. I am thankful she wasn’t here for the cropping and framing of her photo!

Time to Hop

You all know how this goes. It’s now your turn to show Kitties Blue, and all your other friends, your amazing selfie that shows how adorable you are. If your humans are as busy as I am with holiday preparations, I know you may not get here today. But, as always, that’s okay. Astrid will be waiting here for you through Thursday.

Kitties Blue and I appreciate you continuing to support our hop after more than nine years. That commitment is incredible and has not gone unnoticed. We are so grateful.

Thanks again for joining us today.