Though this appears to be two separate photos, Astrid is staring at me while sitting behind the screen of my laptop.


A few weeks ago, I wrote a post entitled, Tabby/Tortie Tuesday with MacKenzie and Astrid. In it, I talked about how Astrid has become my little shadow and showed a photo of her sitting in my lap as I worked on the blog.

As she rarely leaves my side, she has been entrusted by her meowmates to ensure I type exactly what they have dictated for each comment. In spite of the fact that cats are not known for their work ethic as well as the fact that she does nap frequently, she is a rigid taskmaster. If I deviate from the plan, I get laser, zombie eyes or she takes matters into her own paws. That usually proves to be disastrous as her spelling is atrocious and her paws have a tendency to hit several keys at once (as evidenced in the photo below).

She also is easily distracted and so sometimes finds it hard to stick to the task at paw. Or she becomes bored with the entire endeavor and camps out on the keyboard.

Image 1

Image 2Being a good Mom I do, however, encourage her literary interests and pawticipation in the blogging process, even if she does occasionally impede our progress or necessitate corrections.

Besides, I like the companionship!