Caturday Art


Astrid in aqua for Caturday Art.


Astrid is the model for today’s art. She was snoozing on the ess scratcher, which was curiously on the dining room table. Of course, when I approached with the camera, she woke up. The look she gave me said, “How dare you bother me?”

To create today’s art, I used the Chalkboard art effect from LunaPic followed by the Deep Aqua filter as well as the heart border from piZap. The outer pink and teal borders were add with Picasa.

Below is the original photo and how it looked prior to the addition of the aqua filter.


Original photo used to create Caturday Art.

Astrid is changed to "chalkboard" for Caturday Art.










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Sunday Selfies

Your host for tomorrow’s blog hop will be Lily Olivia. She asked to be here so she could help honor and remember our friend and member (along with Lily) of the Crotchety Cougar Club, Phoebe (15 And Meowing). We’d like you to join Lily on the hop, but should you not do so, please stop by and leave some kind words for Phoebe’s family.

See you tomorrow.