Caturday Art

Astrid asked if she could be the subject of today’s art creation, and I could not disappoint my precious, little cat. I mean, look at that face!

I found an older photo of her enjoying a sunpuddle in the kitchen. The contrast on it is very poor, as you will see in the original. Because of this, I think it made a good basis for our art. Astrid hopes you (and Sampy) like it.


Caturday Art using Painnt


I used the Flourish effect in Painnt to create the art. I was so happy with the colors I didn’t tinker with it. Astrid as a bi-eyed kitty looks pretty pawsome, don’t you think?

After the Painnt effect, I added the multi-colored scroll around the edge with piZap and the green and blue border with Picasa.

This is Astrid’s entry in Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art blog hop. To join in the fun, click on Athena’s badge.

Here’s the original photo from March, 2017.


Caturday Art - original


Sunday Selfies Reminder

Don’t forget that tomorrow is the day to share your handsome/cute/adorable self (or a special friend or visitor) with us on our weekly blog hop.

As we have done much too often lately, we will be honoring and remembering friends who have flown off to the Rainbow Bridge. Please come by to pay your respects to Sister Precious from Brian’s Home and Madi from Down Home in NC. We’ll also fill you in tomorrow on a special blog hop for Madi scheduled for Wednesday, September 26; though, we suspect most of you already know about it.


Kitties Blue asked me to apologize for not being here to help them visit your blogs. Dad Tom and I had the audacity to go away for a couple of days. I have promised them that I will work extra hard on their behalf this weekend.

And don’t feel too sorry for the crew. Chris spoiled them with way too many treats, and they still had their catio time each day.

See y’all tomorrow.