Smacky Paws

I have started a new post, and Mauricio and Astrid are playing as I am typing. He is lying on the newspapers on the kitchen island.


Tuxedo cat lying on back on newspapers.


Astrid is lying on the stool beneath him. With papers hanging over the edge, they are trying to sneak up on and smack each other with their front paws.

Mauricio, unfortunately, now has grown bored with the game and is giving me a pleading, rescue-me look while Astrid continues to attack and tear up the newspapers…usually Lisbeth’s area of expertise. Kittens relish pestering their elders whether feline or human. Mauricio thrives on pestering me, so it’s not likely I’m going to save him from his torture.

Trading Places

Though we dubbed Lisbeth “Mini-Me” and Mauricio “Me” due to their similar appearance and Lisbeth’s early attachment to him, Astrid is the kitty who now follows him around and begs for attention. She rubs her head against his face and walks next to him has if they are Velcroed together. I cannot get up at night to go the the bathroom without the two of them showing up. He tries to turn away from and ignore her, but she is insistent and persistent.


Tortoise shell cat using a tuxedo (black and white) cat as a pillow.

Astrid finally tires of pestering Mauricio and uses him as a pillow instead.

Personally I miss the old Astrid. That’s when Mauricio was always after her and sticking his nose “you know where,” and she was the one trying to get away. In those days she would climb up on my lap and turn on her glass-shattering purr. Of course, that made it difficult to go back to bed.

Now they both trot back to bed with me. Mauricio plops his substantial self down on top of me and Astrid worms her way between Dad Tom and me.