Feline Friday


Beige cat with a "play with me" look and a cheese shaped toy with a yellow mouse.


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Friendly Fill-Ins

The Friendly Fill-Ins blog hop is hosted each Friday by Ellen (15 And Meowing) and Lorianne (Four-Legged Furballs). They publish the fill-in sentences on their blogs each Thursday. To join the hop, click on the badge at the left.

I was fortunate to have a helper again today. Kizmet took on fill-in #3. Both of us were happy to see that the fill-ins were fairly easy again this week. As usual, we both used teal italics for filling in. Any explanatory information is in parentheses.

1. Wouldn’t it be nice if Sawyer never had another seizure. A Magic Eraser and purple pot scrubber that a cat has stolen for the play with me moment.

2. I don’t mind buying used Christmas ornaments.

3. Kizmet: I have a strange habit of stealing sponges, Magic Erasers and pot scrubbers and delivering them to Mom, putting them in her shoes or hiding them. (The purple scrubber has been missing for a couple of weeks.) 

4. I have enough cat t-shirts to last a lifetime.

Thank you for joining us again today. We’ll be back tomorrow with some Caturday Art.