Overlooking Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, CA.

Overlooking Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, CA.

All parents wish for their children to be popular and have lots of friends. Sometimes, however, those same parents regret having hoped for this. That was the case Tuesday, when we finally arrived home from our trip to Reno. Because when the kits invited you all to pawty, it’s obvious you took it to heart and showed up in full trashing mode.

I think I’ve discovered and cleaned up all the hacked up fur balls and other piles of throw-up. I’ve picked up all the stuffed animal mascots from the hall floor and replaced the quilts pulled to the bedroom floor for nesting and napping. The rest I am leaving for Chris, who will be here today. She always accuses me of cleaning prior to her arrival. Trust me, I do not! And I don’t think I’ll hear that accusation today. If we still have rugs on the floor, I can’t find them through all the fur.

While I was on puke patrol, Tom immediately headed for the bird feeders, filling them to capacity, so bird and squirrel TV could recommence.

Mauricio: "What do you mean, they're not coming home tonight. You promised."

Mauricio: “What do you mean, they’re not coming home tonight. You promised.”

So Spitty, rather than complaining about not getting the invitation to trash until it was time to clean up…you should have come on over. We arrived home 15 1/2 hours after our scheduled time. Our flight from Charlotte Monday night was cancelled due to a mechanical problem and US Airways put us up for the night. We were pleased for once not to be booked on the first flight out in the morning so we could actually get some sleep. Again, one should be careful with those wishes.

Anticipating trouble prior to leaving Reno, I had packed extra underwear in my carryon. And while at the Reno airport, Tom had purchased me a jacket and dress, so I had clean clothes to wear home. Some would say that I had jinxed our arriving home as scheduled, but I think I’ll blame the airline and the weather!

We arrived at the airport Tuesday morning and found that the early flight had taken off and arrived in Roanoke as scheduled giving us hope for our flight. We boarded and flew to Roanoke only to be put in a holding pattern due to bad weather. After circling for about half an hour, we were flown back to Charlotte.

Being experienced flyers, Tom was on the phone the minute the wheels hit the tarmac and snagged the last two seats (in the last row…ugh!) on the next flight out with hopes the weather would clear. The second time was the charm. When we got to Roanoke, the arrivals board showed the flight following ours was already delayed by two hours. Dodged a bullet by grabbing those two seats. By the time that next flight did arrive it was four hours late.

The sharks kitties (except Fiona and Giulietta) were swarming in the foyer when we opened the front door. Maggie reported that they were all less than pleased when she arrived Tuesday morning after promising on Monday that we’d be home that night. So it was obvious they were anxious to see if it was actually us returning or yet another Maggie visit.

Mauricio makes air biscuits and begs for our attention.

Mauricio makes air biscuits and begs for our attention.

Misty May and Lily Olivia didn’t even stop for a quick inspection of us or the luggage before sprinting outside. I nearly had to tackle Mauricio, however, to keep him inside when I noticed he was naked. He headed for the catio but without his collar and its attached electronic disc, he couldn’t get out the cat door either. So we had to listen to him bellyache until I found his collar beneath the dining room table. We suspect it was removed by Calista during a rasslin’ match.

It started raining again quite hard so efurrybuddy was back inside the house after just a couple of hours. Lily Olivia would not stop caterwauling and begging to return outside even though the rain was torrential. She was not granted her request. She settled for a while, but by bedtime she was cranked back up to full-throated meyowling.

The remainder were bursting with pent-up energy causing us to think they napped and let all their friends do the trashing. That wouldn’t surprise us as these bums sweet, adorable kitties, who we missed every moment we were away, can be very lazy. Any of you who want to tattle on them are more than welcome to do so.

I’m quite sure we’ll be paying for our transgressions for many days to come. Some things, though, have already returned to normal. When I entered the bathroom this evening, I was followed by five cats.