Sunday Selfies: Week #60




I am not certain why we are having so much togetherness at our house lately. I can only surmise it is the constant gloomy and rainy days. This week features another two-fur photo, featuring Mauricio (again) and Astrid. Most of the girls like Mauricio and will try to get next to him, but Astrid could be classified as a stalker. She has a very hard time leaving him alone. Astrid snapped this photo when they were both crammed into their dad’s lap. (She apologizes for its blurriness.) There’s barely room for Mauricio by himself, but she’ll insist on trying to join him. These sessions usually don’t last very long.

Last week’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop had 57 entrants not counting our own. By Monday afternoon the kitties had visited and commented on the 54 blogs of those who had entered by that time. I think this is a new record for us. It only happened because of the incessant rain. I have been unable to bike or swim. That frees up a few hours everyday. I must apologize up front that the kitties and I will not be able to do that this week. I have something EXTREMELY important happening on Monday that I must prepare for today and on Monday morning.

We had two unusual entrants in last week’s hop: a bee (Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal) and an ibis (PepiSmartDog). The kitties and I are excited to see this week’s entries and what unusual critters stop on by.

The word we coined last week, “two-fur” was picked up and used by some of our entrants, which was sort of exciting. We don’t expect it to gain the widespread usage that Nissy‘s MOUSES did, but it was fun to see it leave our blog and show up on others.

So that’s enough blather for today. You probably are going to look at the photos only anyway. To add one of your own, click on the link below. You all know the drill: Use the code below to have the hop appear on your blog. If you do, out of courtesy to us, please link back to The Cat on My Head and/or display our badge. And if you have any trouble linking let me know in a comment, and I will enter the link for you.

Thanks for being our friends, followers and supporters.

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