Sunday Selfies: Week #481

It is Raleigh’s turn to share his new portrait for 2023. He does look a bit like “a deer caught in the headlights,” which is not surprising. He continues to be wary of us, and especially me after his and Audrey’s trip to the vet for their annual check-ups.


A pale orange tabby cat portrait presented as a selfie in an ornate brocade frame.


The biggest surprise about Raleigh’s portrait is that he has his collar on. The longest he has ever worn it is three days. With his penchant for wrasslin’ (mostly with Kizmet) it is almost always off. Getting it back on him pretty much requires him to be asleep.

Here is a bonus puzzle for you.

preview120pieceGinger Tabby Cat Portrait

Blog Hop

Raleigh would love to have you join him for our blog hop. He told me that if he has to be here, he wants lots of friends to gather round. And, he’ll be here through Thursday for anyone with other plans for today. We all know that weekends for humans can be busy.

All of the Kitties Blue and I thank you for joining us today and every other day when you are able to do so.  Your friendship means the world to us. Once you have posted your selfie, have a meowvoous and easy Sunday.