Sunday Selfies: Week #432


Grey cat with tongue out and showing some fang in a Christmas inspired frame.

After being away for a few days, our humans thought we would be happy to see them. Not so much, actually! C.J. and I are the only ones hanging out with them. Chris and Etna treated us very well proving that our mom and dad are completely extraneous when it comes to our happiness and welfare. And don’t even get me started about that dog, Lula. It’s one thing to leave us, but then to spend days fraternizing with a dog—totally unacceptable and unforgivable. It’s going to take mountains of treats to get back in our good graces!

I may have agreed to take a selfie, but I did not agree to hide my displeasure. I’m giving one of my famous razzberries with a little fang thrown in for good measure.

And now those same inconsiderate humans claim to be super tired when all they did yesterday was sit in the car for hours and hours and hours. Okay, so they might be a smidge over-the-hill and tire easily, but I would think they’d appreciate an entire day of car sitting.

Anyhoo, enough about them. They really aren’t very important when it come to sharing a selfie. I really hope you like by my selfie with catitude. Torties aren’t the only ones that can do catitude properly.

All my fursibs and I hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving and were not abandoned as we were. We also hope you’ll post a selfie and join us our our hop. Remember, you don’t have to post today, you can join us anytime through Thursday.

On behalf of all the Kitties Blue, thanks for popping over to see us as well as for commenting on this post and being. our friends.

Purrs and paw-pats, Kizmet

Photo by the post author: Janet Blue