Sunday Selfies: Week #478


autumn selfie remembering: Tuxedo cat portrait selfiein a fall leaf embellished frame.


Lisbeth is the third of the Kitties Blue to share her new portrait as her Sunday Selfie. And in keeping with our recent theme, she had me frame it for autumn. She hopes you like it.  Lisbeth, however, is not the star of today’s post. That honor goes to Brian.

Remembering Brian

Like many others, Brian was one of the first cats we met when Kitties Blue and I began this blog in 2012. And when we started Sunday Selfies, Brian hopped on in week two, and either he or one of his housemates has been here every week. He was a handsome, kind and  gentle man cat. All who knew him loved him and that includes me and all the Kitties Blue. We knew Brian’s health wasn’t good, but it still was a shock when he left us for the Bridge. We are fortunate to have known Brian and will never forget him.


autumn selfie remembering: Tabby Cat selfie in a sparkly frame with a magenta bow and a rainbow with the words, "Brian," and "You'll remain in our hearts always!"


Rest in Peace, Brian. I know you are with your fur family members who went before you and many other kitties who knew and loved you. And I know you will be waiting for those you left behind, including your wonderful humans, Terry and Celesta.

Hopping Time

We’d love for you to join us today as we remember Brian. But, if you can’t hop until later in the week, that’s okay. The hop is open through Thursday. And, if you can’t hop at all, Kitties Blue are totally fine with that. Just stop in to say, “hi,” and remember our friend, Brian.

Kitties Blue and I thank you for joining us today. Your friendship is what keeps us going day after day and week after week.