Hi Efurrybuddy,

Mauricio and Misty May here, and we have some really exciting news. On September 17, we will be celebrating our 10th 9th birthday. Yippee! Our brain-challenged Mom thought it was going to be our 10th birthday until we straightened her out.

Mommy says that she is going to have a big surprise that day for all the kitties, woofies, hamsters, guinea pigs, humans and other two- and four-leggers who stop and see us. She won’t tell us what it is ’cause she is positive we’d spill the beans.”Hey Mom, we aren’t serving beans are we? Nobody’s going to come over for beans, unless they’re jelly beans.”

Mauricio: "Wow, you know the 17th is really far off. I think I'll nap until then. That'll make the time go by faster."

Mauricio: “Wow, you know the 17th is really far off. I think I’ll nap until then. That’ll make the time go by faster.”

While we’re waiting for an answer on the bean question, we want to make sure that you tell all of your friends to stop by that day. They don’t need to have a blog to pawticipate. Mom says that the more visitors we get, the BIGGER the surprise. We hope she means, the more visitors, the more presents for us.

Anyway, she wanted to give you lots of notice so y’all could mark your calendars. And we even heard a rumor that we are going to be the ambassadors that day on The Cat Blogosphere. But we are not sure that has been made official yet, so mum’s (no, not like our sisfur Nylablue’s mum SherriEllen) the word. Mum as in don’t spill the beans. Drat, there are those nasty beans again!

Misty May: "Well, if you're napping, so am I. "

Misty May: “Well, if you’re napping, so am I. “

We’ll be sending out a couple of other reminders prior to our special day just in case you miss this message. But start spreading the word. It’s going to be a really big deal.

It seems as if Mom is going to need to send you the reminders since we’ve decided to nip nap until the 17th.

Purrs and hugs, Mauricio & Misty May

P.S. Mom wanted us to tell you about Mauricio’s photo on Wordless Wednesday. She took it with her phone while she was in bed with him lying on her chest about three inches from her face!