Anniversary Celebration

Please join us as we celebrate the anniversary of Mau & Allie’s (Friends Furever) wedding. They were married at Cat Scouts in a beautiful ceremony purrformed by Denmaster. We think it remains the grandest affair ever to take place at Scouts.

Here’s a copy of their invitation followed by a framed photo of the bride and groom on the dance floor.



Mau’s best man, now angel, Sammy, sent this card from the Rainbow Bridge. It is from him and brother Teddy (Two Spoiled Cats). It features a photo of the wedding party.


3rd anniversary - Allie & Mau

L to R: Charles (Lisbeth’s boyfriend), Best Man Sammy, Mau, Allie, Maid of Honor Gracie, Anya (Allie’s girlfriends) and Sundae (Sammy’s girlfriend). All members of the wedding party (except Sundae) are Cat Scouts.


If you were not following us at the time of the wedding, you might enjoy the post, “A Grand Affair.” It includes a poem from Mau for Allie.

Mau made a special card for Allie and baked an anniversary cake in his Cat Scout Bake Shop.




And finally, Mau has a special bouquet for Allie.



What Mau lacks in the ability to color coordinate, he makes up for in his love for Allie.

Please join us in a toast to Mau and Allie and then hang around and enjoy some cake and camaraderie.



“To Allie and Mau, may your love last forever!”


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Thanks for joining us today in our celebration of Allie and Mau.