Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

When we saw this weeks’s inspiration photo, we thought it was of space aliens.



When Mom saw the poem we were writing, she explained that these weren’t aliens but ladies with their heads in heated hoods to dry their hair. That meant we had to rethink our approach. This is the resulting poem.

Alien Invasion*

We can groom our furs whenever we want…
No trips to the beauty parlor
For a wash and a cut.

These poor ladies must have been so bored,
As they waited for their hair to dry
And fashionable curls to form.

Styles now are simple and sleek.
They can be done each day
And don’t need to last all week.

Our mom can style her furs at home
Where we can give tips and suggestions
And play with her brush and comb.

© Kitties Blue – 01/16/2019

* We decided to use our original title.

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday is hosted by Teddy and Angel Sammy from Two Spoiled Cats. Each week Angel Sammy transmits a poem from the Rainbow Bridge based on an inspirational photo posted on their blog the previous Thursday. To read his poem, click on the poetry badge. If you decide to write a poem, you can leave the link to your post in the comments at Two Spoiled Cats.


Thankful Thursday

This a blog hop hosted each week by Brian. It is an opportunity for bloggers to share for what we are thankful. We kitties are thankful we cannot catch Mom’s cold. Mom and Dad are thankful that, after a week of inactivity, work on the addition resumed yesterday. Mom, Dad and Sawyer are grateful his recent seizure was mild. Finally, we are all thankful our dad is retired and no longer works for the Federal Government. Though he was furloughed a few times during his 30-plus-year tenure, he never was out of work for such an extended amount of time. Our prayers are with all the Federal employees.

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