Sunday Selfies: Week #279

So, I am a bit of a reluctant participant today. I was minding my own business guarding a box from Amazon, which I had deduced held a gift for us kitties. I had no intention of budging and so was coerced into snapping a selfie. Sorry the lighting isn’t very good. That was out of my control. It was in my control to look at the camera, which I decided not to do.



Before I turn this over to all of you to post your selfies, I want to send a message to my special friend, Tyebe (Canadian Cats), and her sister Shoko and brother Budd. My mom and all the Kitties Blue are praying for your mom that she will soon be well and released from from the hospital, so you can all spend Christmas together. If you could send some purrs, prayers and POTP to Mom Jean. I know she, the kitties and their dad, Bill, will greatly appreciate it.

Hopping Time

I am certain everyone knows by heart those hopping tips we usually post, so I’m not including them this week. But I do invite you to join us with or without a Christmas-themed selfie. Your participation and support are always appreciated.