Sunday Selfies: Week #295

I was not being very cooperative when it came to taking my selfie today. So, you only are getting a profile. That’s why I asked my Mom to fancy up my photo a bit. And she did it, ’cause she owed me after that unflattering post she wrote about me. If you missed it, here’s the link: “Defining Mistymayphony.” I would never have given you that link but Mom is typing this for me, which means I am at her mercy. Phooey!


Sunday Selfies


Anyhoo, I am hoping a certain man cat will stop by and say, “hello,” as long as he doesn’t click on that link.

Hopping Time

Well, I am certain that all of you have taken much better selfies than mine, so please enter the hop and show off your adorable selves. Once you get that done, you’ll have the remainder of the day for your easy and to entertain your shut-in humans. All the other Kitties Blue, me and our mom and dad are praying everyone is staying safe and healthy. We couldn’t bear to lose any of you to this nasty virus.

Purrs and paw-pats, Misty May (with kisses for that certain man cat)