Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

The weeks keep zipping right by us, but unfortunately little has changed in the past several months. The pandemic is still raging with some locales seeing huge escalations in cases. Virginia isn’t currently one of the states which has this problem. However, that does not mean we can be less cautious. I only mention this because it is what is uppermost in my mind almost constantly. Consequently, once again, it found its way into my poem. I just cannot seem to help myself. Sorry!

Here’s the photo followed by my poem.



A Place to Dream

Magical painting in which to escape
From day-to-day, hum-drum of normal life.
Imagining another time and place…
Quiet, gentle with no virus or masks,
No social distancing, fear or protests.
Any painting, photo or drawing
Holds the key for me to a better
Place than where we are now…
A place to dream and be free.

© Janet Buickerood Blue – 07/08/2020

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Thankful Thursday

Thanks this week include one for Sawyer. Our little trooper is 19 days seizure free as of yesterday. Paws crossed that streak will continue. Twenty days is his max, and those two intervals happened a few months back.

Our second thanks is that Mau’s trip to the vet—yes that is where he was heading in yesterday’s photo—did not reveal any dire illness. He has not been himself for a few days and not eating much. He has lost more than a pound of weight since round-up in the beginning of April.

Mau is still feeling puny, but his heart and lungs are good and thyroid function okay. His kidney function values show, like many senior cats, that he does have some kidney disease.

He received a cerenia injection to stimulate his appetite, and he is eating, including treats and shredded cheddar cheese from my dinner. Starting him on k/d food was suggested, but if he is like every other cat we have had or known, we are fairly certain he’ll turn his nose up at that.

We will definitely keep you posted as to his health

Dad Tom and I remain healthy for which we are truly grateful. Tom will get results today of an antibody test he had when giving blood a couple of weeks ago. We expect it to be negative for COVID-19.

I am thankful that I woke up early enough two days ago and actually remembered it was Tuesday, so I could be one of three first commenters on the Tuesday Teaser at Two Spoiled Cats. I shared the honors with Mom Sharon (Friends Furever) and Dad Pete (Tomcat Commentary by Tim). We all got this cool badge.

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