Sunday Selfies: Week #259



This selfie was definitely not my idea! On Thursday I lost almost all my furs. I still have my floofy tail as well as noggin and footie furs, but that is it! The old lady who lives at our house says that I feel like velvet when she pets me. If she wanted to stroke velvet, she should have gone to Joanne’s.

This is the second summer this assault has been purrpetrated by vet tech, Heather, at the behest of my humans. That’s right…Humans! No Mom and Dad for them. They don’t deserve those titles.

You probably are wondering why this heinous crime was committed. Well, I love to be brushed and jump up on the bathroom bench as my signal for brushies. There are certain areas of my body, however, that are off limits, and if someone gets too close, I bite…HARD! You know what that means: I get snarls and mats. So off come my gorgeous, long furs.

I tried to avoid showing too much of my nekkidness. After all, we do try to maintain a PG rating for our posts.

I did make one demand before agreeing to do this photo. The female human had to remove the freckle from my right eye with her photo magic. It makes me self-conscious, as it has gotten quite large. Not to worry, I can see just fine.

Anyhoo, I have rambled on for far too long. This is cutting into nap time.

Time to Hop

If you are joining our blog hop (please do), here are those tips that same female human insists we post almost every week.

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Send Some Love

Before I leave you for my “easy,” Kitties Blue and I have two special requests.

If you follow the marvelous Marv, you know that he hadn’t posted in quite a while. Lots of cwappy things have turned his life, as well as his housemate Ninja, his dad and Mom Barb’s lives all topsy-turvy. Please click on the badge below and pop over with some words of encouragement.


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Purrs and paw-pats, Giulietta