by Janet Blue on August 16, 2022

Periwinkle’s Arrival

Stinky is distracted by the kittens and almost misses the whoosh from the teleportation tunnel. Luckily, he hears it in time to catch Periwinkle as she comes tumbling out. She is giggling and says that she got tickled by the whoosh! Despite the giggling fit, she and Stinky manage to share some paw hugs and whisker kisses. When she calms down, she tells Stinky that she is ready for a day of playing with Raleigh and Audrey. Stinky, however has other plans.

“I’m sorry, Periwinkle, maybe we can play with them when we return from our adventure,” Stinky tells her. Periwinkle looks crestfallen, but she doesn’t say anything. She just takes Stinky’s paw and says, “Alrighty then, where are we going?” Stinky doesn’t reply but leads her back into the tunnel, and with another whoosh, they are gone.

Graceland – Memphis, Tennessee


Periwinkle Stinky Graceland - exterior of house


They emerge from the tunnel in front of a huge mansion. “Ooh, Stinky,” this is gorgeous,” says Periwinkle. “Where are we?”

“This is Graceland, home of Elvis Presley,” Stinky replies.

I thought he was dead,” says Periwinkle.

Now it is Stinky’s turn to giggle. “Yes, he is. In fact today is the 45th anniversary of his death, so I thought it would be a good occasion to visit. His home is open for tours and a very popular destination for Elvis fans.”

“Well, let’s get a move on. I want to get back to your house in plenty of time to play with Audrey and Raleigh.” Exasperated, Stinky, takes her paw and leads the way into the house. For the life of him, he cannot imagine why Periwinkle is so fascinated by the silly kittens.



“Wow, Stinky, look at that chandelier. It is beautiful.”

“Yes, it is, Periwinkle, I think it would be fun to swing from it, Stinky says as he jumps to the bannister!”

“Stinky, get down immediately. You are going to get us thrown out of here before we see anything!” Stinky does as he is told, and from the foyer, they move to the peacock living room.

White Lounge (Peacock Living Room)


Periwinkle’s eyes light up when she sees the stained glass. Stinky tells her that his mom and dad have a stained glass peacock in their bathroom, and she can see it when they return to his house if she can tear herself away from the kittens. They both decide to hop up into the two comfy chairs for a few minutes as they look around.

Jungle Room


The two move on to what Elvis called his den, but what was labeled the Jungle Room when tours began at Graceland. “Stinky, I don’t get this room. Couldn’t Elvis just go outside whenever he wanted?” Stinky tells Periwinkle, “Supposedly he created this tropical man cave to remind himself of the time he spent in Hawaii. And he recorded his last two albums in this room.”

“I do like the waterfall,” says Periwinkle.

“Come on, Periwinkle, let’s check out Elvis’ parent’s bedroom.”

Vernon and Gladys Presley’s Bedroom


“It is very elegant, isn’t it, Stinky? But I am surprised at how low-key it is compared to the other rooms,” comments Periwinkle. Stinky replies, “Maybe his parents weren’t as flamboyant as Elvis. His grandmother, Minnie Mae Presley, also used this bedroom and died here at age 90.”

The tabbies leave the bedroom and move on to the dining room.

Dining Room


“Stinky, I really liked the peacock living room, but I think this is my favorite room. Everything is so sparkly,” gushes Periwinkle.

“And this has an even bigger and brighter chandelier,” declares Stinky, as he contemplates how to access it. Knowing exactly what he is thinking, Periwinkle grabs his collar, shakes her paw at him and tells him he better not try it or she’ll clobber him.

Still pouting, Stinky takes Periwinkle’s paw and leads her to the basement.

Pool Room


“Holy cow, this is insane. What’s with the walls and ceiling?” asks Periwinkle.

“They are covered in pleated fabric, in fact 300 yards of it,” Stinky tells her. “The remaining 50 yards were used to upholster the furniture. And the stained glass lights were custom made for the room.”

“And you better not be thinking of climbing on them. I am quite certain you shouldn’t even be on the table,” admonishes Periwinkle.

Stinky heaves a huge sigh. “I just want to bat the balls around a little. You never want me to have any fun.”

“We could have fun playing with the kittens,” Periwinkle tells him. “Sheesh, is that all you can think about?” asks Stinky. He then promises Periwinkle they will head back to his house after they see just a couple of other things.

Elvis: The Entertainer Career Museum


“Stinky, this is incredible. I have never seen anything like this. Look at all the fancy costumes and records. Amazing.”

“I do know a little trivia about his recordings, Periwinkle. Elvis earned 171 gold, 94 platinum and 34 multi-platinum discs, more than any other artist. And this museum is the world’s largest and most comprehensive Elvis museum in the world.”

“I can believe that,” claims Periwinkle.

Stinky takes Periwinkle paw and leads her outside to where Elvis and his mother, father and grandmother are buried.

Meditation Garden


“Don’t get upset with me, Periwinkle. I got special permission for us to come inside the fence.”

“Stinky, I am sorry if you think I am upset. I just try to keep us out of trouble when I can. Thank you for getting permission before leaping the fence. It is amazing all the mementoes people have left here. They must have really loved Elvis,” says Periwinkle.

“He was and still is quite beloved with oodles of fans,” states Stinky.

“Before we leave, Periwinkle, I’d like to get a couple more photos.”



“So is it time to go back to your house and see the kittens?” Periwinkle asks. Stinky doesn’t reply but leads Periwinkle to the teleportation tunnel, and they are off to Stinky’s house.

Spending Time with Audrey & Raleigh



“Oh, Stinky. They are so adorable. Do you think we can wake them up so I can play with them?” asks Periwinkle.

“If you really want to, Mom will take them into the bedroom. They get a couple of hours play time in there each day.”

“Oh, goody! Yes, please!”



“Audrey, don’t you want to come down and play with me? I promise to be nice. Stinky, Audrey is playing hard to get. Let’s get a snack. Maybe she’ll want to play later.”

Stinky and Periwinkle go to the catio for a snack and a visit with Stinky’s other fursibs. Unfortunately, when they finish, Audrey and Raleigh have returned to their enclosure and are napping. Periwinkle remarks, “Kittens sure do sleep a lot. Maybe they’ll want to play the next time I come.”

Stinky, just nods. The two tabbies spend several minutes sharing paw hugs and whisker kisses before Periwinkle enters the teleportation tunnel. The two wave as the tunnel takes Periwinkle away in a whoosh.

Stinky returns to the catio for a nap and dreams of his beautiful girl friend.

The End

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by Janet Blue on August 15, 2022


Kitties Blue know how to tell time. Their tummy clocks go off when it is time to eat. But they cannot tell one day from the next. So, when I told Misty May that her birthday is this Wednesday, she gladly accepted that information and passed it on to you. Unfortunately, I was wrong, which has prompted today’s Spark.

There are two birthdays this week, but neither belong to Misty May. Her birthday is next month. On Wednesday we will be celebrating and having a party, but it will be for Astrid and Lisbeth who will be turning 11. 

We will not be having a comment-a-thon. I am saving that for Misty May’s birthday on September 17. 

I’d like to thank Angel Charles’ mom, Inge, and Angel Mau’s mom-in-law, Sharon, for catching my mistake and setting me straight.


Grey cat with mouth all the way open and speech bubble saying, "Mom messed up!" Photo also contains the quote from William Arthur Ford, "To make mistakes is human; to stumble is commonplace; to be able to laugh at yourself is maturity."


The author of today’s Spark, William Arthur Ward, was an American motivational writer with 100+ articles, poems and meditations written and published in such magazines as Reader’s Digest.

Sparks began as a blog hop, created by our friend, Annie (McGuffy’s Reader). Annie is taking a “break” from blogging, so there is no hop. Many of us still continue to post a Spark on Monday, as we believe in Annie’s vision: “I believe we are meant to be lights in this world. If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going. It is then that we can begin to truly see each other clearly. Together, we can light up the entire world!”

Awww Mondays

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The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky

This fun-loving, tabby duo will return tomorrow with the next installment in their adventure series. It is Stinky’s week to plan and post their adventure, so look for them right here tomorrow. I know both Periwinkle and Stinky will be looking forward to seeing all of you.





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