November 26, 2023


Sunday Selfies: Week #484


Goldendoodle resting her head on a pillow and framed in a cobalt and teal blue frame with a teal bow.


This is Lula. She is a Goldendoodle and is one of the dogs Dad Tom and I spent time with the past few days, She lives with one of Tom’s nephews and family in Georgia. She was on the blog last year on Thanksgiving Day. You can see that photo at “Thanksgiving Thankfuls, a Dog & a Poem.”

Kitties Blue do not seem too miffed with us for taking a few days away to enjoy family time. Chris said that they were purrfect while we were away; though, both beds to which they had access were totally disheveled. I am fairly certain Kizmet is the guilty party.

Hopping Time

I know all the kitties are pleased to have the week off from taking a selfie. They hope, however, that none of you will do the same. They have really missed visiting and seeing their friends the last several days. So, on behalf of Kitties Blue, I urge you to snap a selfie and join our hop. If you have any friends you think might enjoy hopping along, please invite them to participate as well. This also is a great place to make some new and long-lasting friends.

If you are unable to participate today, the hop will be here for you through Thursday.

Thanks for joining us whether it is today or later in the week. And many thanks for being our friends and supporters.

Have a terrific and easy Sunday.