November 19, 2023


Sunday Selfies: Week #483

This week Sawyer is your host for Sunday Selfies. It is the final photo in our 2023 portrait series.


Portrait selfie: A green-eyed, grey tabby cat portrait.


Every one of the Kitties Blue had a killer portrait, but in all honesty, Sawyer’s is my favorite. I love this little guy so much, especially as we were so fortunate to get him back after his three-and-a-half week, unauthorized walkabout. He does, however, challenge my patience. He has been eating very poorly for several days—turning his nose up at whatever we present to him. We know a seizure is imminent, and it hurts my heart whenever Sawyer has to go through one. He’d appreciate some prayers and encouragement.

Next Saturday is Sawyer’s sixth gotcha day, so he’ll be back then and hopes you will come celebrate with him.

Please Hop With Sawyer

Sawyer and I are both hoping you’ll join him today. All your other friends will be here looking for you as well. Get those selfies posed, snapped and posted early. Then you will have the entire day to take your easy with your humans and maybe a nice, sunpuddle nap as well.

Thanks for joining us today. We truly appreciate your friendship and support.