November 18, 2023


Caturday Art


ginger tabby cat rant: colorful photo of a ginger cat in a multi-colored, sparkly, circular frame.


This may be pretty art, but I’m certain you noticed the “someone peed in my Cheerios” expression on my face. Here it is, almost 11 a.m. on Caturday morning, and the typist is just putting this post together. That is nearly 11 hours missed when you could have been gazing upon my handsomeness.

The humans went out again last night. That is the third time in just eight days. The typist thought she’d get home in time to finish this post, but she must have been dreaming. You may have noticed that I said, “the humans.” I would have said, “my humans,” but surely these galavanting people cannot be the same ones who normally are here 24/7 to cater to my every need and desire. I think they have been replaced by these alien gadabouts.

There is a rumor going around among my fursibs that these very same lackluster excuse for parents will be taking off again soon to eat turkey with dogs.

Dear Cat God, If you can hear me, please, oh please bring my humans back home where they behave as good cat parents should. Wait…what? The treat lady is going to replace them when they are away eating with dogs! Oh, that’s meowvolously fantastic news. A few days with none of those stupid treat puzzles, but just good old spoiling like we deserve. Yours truly, Cooper Murphy

I am going to purr really hard while the treat lady is here, that the humans who return are the ones we know and love…the ones who no nothing about treat puzzles and stay at home where they belong.

Purrs and paw pats, Cooper Murphy

p.s. At least the human masquerading as my mom knew enough to create a puzzle for you. Hope you enjoy it.

preview120pieceDreamy Green Ginger Cat

p.p.s. from the human: If you missed the treat puzzle post, you can check it out here: “Treat Puzzles for Couch Potatoes.”

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Sunday Selfies Reminder

It’s time once again to get spiffed up and share your adorableness with all your admiring friends. Tomorrow’s selfie host will be the one cat who has not shared his new portrait with you. If you have been paying attention each week, you will know which of the boys that is.

I can assure you, that post will appear at midnight EST. Regardless of what Cooper Murphy told you, neither of his humans have been replaced by aliens. But, you don’t need to tell him that. I like keeping him guessing.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.