November 14, 2023


Date Night

Stinky was waiting by the teleportation tunnel for Periwinkle. It was late Friday afternoon, four days early for their adventure. He bounced from paw to paw in excitement. He couldn’t believe what he and Periwinkle were going to do thanks to his mom. As he hopped around the foyer, he heard the familiar whoosh from the tunnel. Periwinkle popped out and into his waiting paws. He was delighted to see that Mom Sharon had told her what to wear for their date.

After a few whisker kisses, Periwinkle asked her usual question along with a couple of others, “So, Stinky what is on the agenda for tonight? Why am I here four days earlier than usual? And why are we so dressed up?”

Stinky replied, “Well, my mom got tickets for a special event for the two of us as well as for my dad and herself. I am really sorry that they will be tagging along, but Mom said she had no intention of missing this.”

“Are you going to tell me what this is?” Periwinkle asked.


Periwinkle began to pout when she heard Stinky’s reply, but he just winked at her and giggled. Then he took her paw and led her to the garage and his mom’s car. Dad Tom buckled the kitties into the back seat, and they went for a short drive to their destination.

Periwinkle Continues to Wonder About Stinky’s Plan

Dad Tom let the two cats and Mom Janet out at The Jefferson Center and went to park the car. Periwinkle still had no idea what was happening. She saw lots and lots of old people, some even older than Stinky’s parents. It made her feel as if this certainly wouldn’t be an adventure she and Stinky would enjoy.

When Dad Tom caught up with them, they went into a large auditorium. Mom Janet led them to seats in the very center of the front row. Periwinkle had no idea what to expect. She was fairly certain they were going to see some kind of concert, as band instruments were set up on the stage. She gave Stinky a quizzical look, but he just winked at her again and squeezed her paw.

The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist

Soon an emcee came on stage. Periwinkle discovered they were going to see Cote Deonath, a world-renowned Elvis Presley tribute artist. The emcee also told the audience that the 26-year-old Deonath competed at Graceland’s Elvis Week in August 2023 at the Ultimate Elvis Contest. It was the seventh year in a row he had competed, and after placing in the top ten several times and twice in the top three, he finally earned the Ultimate Elvis title. This achievement made him the #1 Elvis tribute artist in the world, as recognized by Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises.



Cote Deonath as The Ultimate Elvis


Periwinkle had heard of Elvis Presley, but still wasn’t too certain of what was going to happen. But then, suddenly, a man in a gold, sparkly jacket appeared on stage and began singing and dancing. He had an amazing voice, Periwinkle and Stinky sat and watched, mesmerized as the man sang and moved around the stage as if he was an acrobat. After a couple of songs, Cote/Elvis noticed them in the front row. Surprised to see the well-known, Periwinkle & Stinky, at his performance, he invited them on stage where they remained throughout the concert.


Cote Deonath as The Ultimate Elvis


Cote Deonath as The Ultimate Elvis


The tabbies discovered that the back-up musicians, The Infinit-E Tribute Band, were quite talented and super fun to watch as well, including  the base player.


Cote Deonath as The Ultimate Elvis


While Cote/Elvis performed, Stinky noticed his parents and what appeared to be most of the audience singing along to a lot of the songs, like Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog, Suspicious Minds, Burning Love, Return to Sender, All Shook Up and so many more of the 700 songs Elvis Presley recorded. Both Stinky and Periwinkle wished they knew the words to the songs just like Stinky’s parents.

Costume Change


Cote Deonath as The Ultimate Elvis


The Ultimate Elvis made a few costume changes. Periwinkle & Stinky had a good giggle when the ladies in the audience became giddy when he appeared in the black leather outfit.

The tabbies were having so much fun dancing around the stage; though, they soon discovered they needed to stay pretty far away from Cote/Elvis most of the time. They could be kicked or smacked with a microphone stand if not careful. The performer, however, took care to watch out for the two cats as well as to invite them often to join him.

Learning More About Cote

Between songs Cote told the audience a bit more about himself. He was an hyperactive child. To entertain him, his grandmother sat him in front of the TV and played the Elvis movie, “Follow That Dream.” He has loved Elvis and his music ever since, and began imitating The King at age three.


Cote Deonath as The Ultimate Elvis


When Cote changed into his costume for the portion of the concert that addressed Elvis’ time performing in Las Vegas, Stinky was super impressed.


Cote Deonath as The Ultimate Elvis


During much of the program, snippets of Elvis’ movies, TV appearances, stage shows as well as still photos from throughout his life appeared on the screen behind the performer, like the one above.

As the concert came to a close, Cote/Elvis introduced the tabbies to the audience.


Cote Deonath as The Ultimate Elvis


The Concert Ends

The two-plus hour concert had been amazing, and Periwinkle and Stinky thanked Cote/Elvis profusely before he helped them off the stage.

Periwinkle, Stinky and his parents left the auditorium. The tabbies danced all the way to the car. When they arrived home, Stinky got his meds and both tabbies had a snack As it was so late, it was suggested that Periwinkle spend the night. Mom Janet had already cleared it with Mom Sharon.

Before they went off to bed, Periwinkle suggested that they share information about Cote’s upcoming concert dates. Stinky agreed, and here is a link to his website: Cote Ultimate Elvis. There are also two videos on the site that you should watch. If they won’t play for you, you can find lots of videos on YouTube.

Periwinkle and Stinky said “Goodnight,” to Stinky’s parents and fursibs and headed off to bed.

The End

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