November 12, 2023


Sunday Selfies: Week #482


A grey cat shows off her mesmerizing eyes in a selfie portrait surrounded by a black and white frame including aqua flowers.


Here is our stunning Kizmet, with her mesmerizing eyes, in her new portrait. Unlike some of the other Kitties Blue, she is always ready to pose.

I have just noticed that Kizmet has some tabby stripes on her forehead. I am quite surprised to see them. Our other two Kitties Blue, Fiona and Louise, also had very faint tabby markings.

Once again, our portrait subject asked to have a puzzle, and how could I turn her down? Look at that sweet face and those eyes!

preview120pieceGrey Cat Portrait

Hopping Time

Kizmet is looking forward to oodles of our friends joining her on the hop. She is our social butterfly, and loves to interact with people and other cats, so please share your selfie with her as well as all your other friends. All animals are invited regardless of species. With that in mind, Kizmet would be excited if you’d invite some of your more unusual friends. to join her.

An Invitation from Stinky

On Friday night, Stinky took his lovely Periwinkle on a very special adventure. He knows that not everybody who joins us for Sunday Selfies pops in on Tuesdays, either here or at Friends Furever, for The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky, but he is certain if you miss this next adventure, you will regret it! And, who knows, you may become a fan of these two adorable and fun-loving tabbies. So, please, add visiting us on Tuesday to your calendar.

Thanks for joining us today. Your friendship and support are so important and appreciated.