November 2, 2023


Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Teddy and Angel Sammy from Two Spoiled Cats selected an inspiration photo for this week’s poetry challenge that I find totally scary. For a start, I do not like heights, and my poem represents that. I did add Raleigh to the photo, but he’s not part of the poem. I jtust thought he’d look cool and offer a bit of an obstacle.


Don't look down: Two people crossing a rope and bridge with uneven, widely-spaced planks and a cat in their way.


Don’t Look Down

Oh my God, I don’t dare look down.
I can’t believe this is the only way to town.
Carrying our supplies home will be scary;
crossing this bridge again makes me wary.
Perhaps our groceries could be delivered,
then I wouldn’t chance falling in the river.

© Janet Buickerood Blue – 11/02/2023

Each week Angel Sammy transmits his poem from the Rainbow Bridge to Teddy for publication. He is a terrific poet, and his weekly creation is always worth reading. Pop on over to Two Spoiled Cats, by clicking on the poetry badge, to check out Sammy’s poem and get the photo for next week’s challenge.


Thankful Thursday

I mentioned last week that Dad Tom and I received our RSV vaccines, and so we are now ready for winter with our COVID, flu and RSV vaccines completed. This offers us great piece of mind; though, we will continue to be cautious when in crowded places.

Dad Tom and I are particularly thankful we only received minor wounds while putting Kitties Blue in the shark costumes. If you missed yesterday’s post with their photos, click the link at the bottom of this post. You really need to see how funny and pawsome they look.

I am thankful that I finally got a tattoo I have been wanting for quite some time. It is my personal motto and my fifth tattoo. I have one other that I really want to get. Sorry for the poor quality and wonkiness of the photo. It is not easy to take a photo of one’s own arm.


Tattoo: Believe in Silver Linings with a star at the front and back of words.


Astrid and I are both thankful she is gaining confidence since Misty May is no longer here to bully and pester her. She spends a lot of time in my lap, kneading me and purring. I love spending the time together; though, Astrid is keeping me from doing things that require the laptop or iPad, like visiting all of you.

We had one of the most beautiful autumns I can remember. Ninety percent of the leaves have now fallen from the trees, and the temperatures have dropped considerably, but it was glorious while it lasted. If you missed my Monday post, I shared a photo of our stunning crepe myrtle tree. You can see it at, “Nom Nose & a Nature Spark.”

The Kitties Blue and I will be participating in the Thankful Thursday blog hop on Brian’s Home blog. To do the same, click on the badge below.


Thank you for joining us today. The kitties and I will be back tomorrow with Friendly Fill-Ins.