September 24, 2023


Sunday Selfies: Week #475


Selfie of a large ginger cat surround by autumn leaves.


So what do you think? Did I snap a good selfie? I don’t mean to be conceited, but I think I look pretty terrific with my gorgeous ginger furs framed with autumn leaves. In fact, I think I look so terrific, that I told Mom I wanted her to make a puzzle. She was happy to oblige me, but for some reason, she made it without the leaf border. More of me to admire, I guess.

preview110pieceGinger Tabby in the Fall

Time to Hop

Now that I have shared my magnificent selfie with you, I hope you will share your selfie with all of us as well as your other friends. Participation was quite low last week. Mom is worried that we have done something to offend you all. She hasn’t been visiting much since Misty May developed her eye ulcer, as she was sleep deprived from having to do eye drops every four hours. Since Misty May passed, she hasn’t been feeling very social, but she promises to try to do better.

In case you have forgotten, the hop remains open through Thursday if you are too busy to join us today.

Finally, thank you so much for joining us today. We truly appreciate your support, comments and friendship.

Have an easy Sunday.

Purrs & paw pats, Cooper Murphy