September 21, 2023


With apologies to Teddy and Angel Sammy (Two Spoiled Cats) I have decided to forego writing a poem this week in order to concentrate on thankfuls.

Thankful Thursday

Most of my thankfuls this week revolve around Misty May.





I am thankful Misty May spent her last day in my arms both before and after she passed. She deserved that consideration, comfort and love.

Dad Tom and I are thankful for all the kind comments and condolences left on the Sunday Selfies/Angels Birthday post, “Happy Nineteenth Birthday Angels.”

We also are thankful for the beautiful badges created for Misty May by Ann from Zoolatry, Ingrid from Meezer’s Mews & Terrieristical Woofs and Pam from Two Spoiled Cats. We know these take lots of time, creativity and work. That these wonderful friends did this for Misty May is so thoughtful and special.

Ann, Thank You!
REMEMBERING THANKFULS: tuxedo cat face surrounded by yellow, blue and pink flowers and a pink frame.


Ingrid, Thank You!

REMEMBERING THANKFULS: Tuxedo cat head and shoulders in front of a rainbow and surrounded by butterflies with a greent and yellow frame.REMEMBERING THANKFULS: Two tuxedo cats surrounded by yellow and pink flowers and an aqua frame.

Pam, Thank You!

REMEMBERING THANKFULS: Two tuxedo cat heads in front of a multi-colored hearts and wearing blue wings and halos.


I particularly appreciate that Ingrid and Pam included Mau.

I am thankful that Misty May is in her final resting place. She is in one of the flower beds with Madison and MacKenzie. I will be making her a special marker.

Dr. McBain, Kitties Blue current vet, who was recommended by our beloved Dr. Neel, is researching alternative methods for administering Sawyer’s medications, for which Dad Tom and I are extremely grateful. As many of you know, Sawyer is not very good about eating his meals due to the medications. He has had a seizure each of the past three weeks.

Finally, I am thankful that I am 0.6 pounds from reaching my goal weight thanks to Noom. With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas looming on the horizon, I am thinking I may try to take off a few extra pounds now. I do not want to begin this entire process again when 2024 rolls around.

Thanks for dropping by to see us today.

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