September 10, 2023


Sunday Selfies: Week #473


Selfie for Noelle: Grey tabby, Manx cat, in a fancy frame with a lace ribbon and blue flower with pearl.

When Mom asked me to take a selfie, I was not interested, but then she reminded me that Noelle would be happy to see me. So, after a moment of consideration, I agreed. I’ll admit, it’s not my best effort. But it was dinner time, and I was super hungry. You see, I had turned down both breakfast and lunch. I think most of you know, I can be very stubborn when it comes to eating my meals. I don’t like my meds, not even the tuna-flavored ones.

Anyhoo, all that’s beside the point. I am here to send my love to Noelle and to host our Sunday Selfies blog hop!

I sure hope you will join me here on the hop. All my fursibs and I are looking forward to seeing your adorable faces. And if you have any friends who have never joined in the fun, I certainly hope you’ll invite them to join us. As a reminder, our hop is open through Thursday, so you don’t even need to post today to join.

Thanks for coming to see us today. Once you’ve joined up, please have a delightful and easy Sunday.

Purrs and paw-pats, Sawyer (with love to Noelle)