May 26, 2023


Feline Friday


An orange tabby cat in a crouched position staring at the camera with a sad look on his face after being naughty.


This was supposed to be my Sunday Selfie, but my mom said I had to post it today. She also said I had to confess to being a naughty cat. I refused to come in from the catio for dinner two nights in a row. Last night I managed to hide so that Mom couldn’t find me. I wedged myself into the very back of the bottom cubby of the cat tree on the upper deck. My fur color just happens to match the covering on that tree. Until Mom got down on her belly and shown the flashlight into the back of the cubby, she couldn’t see me. Of course, I wouldn’t come out. She had to drag me out and haul me into the house. Did I mention that it was 10 p.m. by then.

I think you know by now that I am not a social cat, and I do hide often. Even so, Mom said that she does not appreciate me scaring her yet again.

When I came in the house, I started romping around and acting goofy, as if nothing unusual had happened. She thought that was pretty insensitive of me. But I am a cat, and I make no apologies for my behavior. I also will let you decide if you think I was naughty or just stubborn.

Purrs and hisses, Raleigh

Raleigh will be participating in the Feline Friday blog hop at messymimi’s meanderings. To do the same, click on the Feline Friday badge.

Friendly Fill-Ins

Time again to let you know a bit more about Kitties Blue and myself by completing the weekly fill-ins. Ellen (15 And Meowing) and Lorianne (Four-Legged Furballs) host the Friendly Fill-Ins blog hop. On Thursday they each select two sentences to be filled in by hop participants. You can find those on both blogs. Enter the hop by clicking on the graphic.

My usual helper, Sawyer, took over for me today on fill-in #4, and his cartoon alter-ego, Stinky, completed #2. Thanks, boys!

We all used teal italics to complete the sentences.

1. This weekend, I plan to finish washing the front porch.

2. Stinky: Spending time with Periwinkle never disappoints.

3. I once saw our cat, MacKenzie, standing at the backdoor alongside a possum as if to ask, “Can I keep him?”. (I will find the photo and share it sometime in the future.

4. Sawyer: You’ll never hear me say, “I don’t want any treats.”

So, that’s another week of filling in. We will be back tomorrow with some Caturday Art. Hope you’ll join us again then.