May 20, 2023


Caturday Art 

This is going to be very short, as Mom is unable to stay awake. Here I am in her suitcase as she packed for Dad Tom’s and her anniversary getaway. I absolutely refused to leave her suitcase. She finally had to kick me out. So rude!


Orange tabby cat sleeping inside a packed suitcase surrounded by an elaborate black and crystal frame with a large bow

Mom created the art using the Fur Sketch effect from Painnt. She added the original coloring back so the sketch wouldn’t be just black and white. The over-the-top frame is another from favpng.

She also made a puzzle. She tried removing the white margins from around the photo by putting it on a transparent background. Unfortunately, Jigsaw Planet doesn’t recognize that. So, unfortunately, a huge amount of white space exists at the bottom and on the right side of the puzzle.

preview120pieceOrange cat in suitcase

I’ll be popping over to Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s blog for her Caturday Art hop. If you’d like to join me there, click on her badge.


Sunday Selfies Reminder

It is time again to share your selfie with the Kitties Blue and all your friends tomorrow. There is every reason to expect there will be a guest host for the third week a row. That is because Mom is not home to coerce one of us into snapping a selfie. But whether it is one of us or another adorable critter here to greet you, please consider joining our hop. It remains open through Thursday.

Purrs and paw-pats, Cooper Murphy

Thanks for coming by to visit with us.