January 22, 2023


Sunday Selfies: Week #440

Not since Mauricio have we had a cat who enjoyed posing for the camera as much as Kizmet. All the other Kitties Blue turn away as quickly as possible. It doesn’t hurt that she is a very attractive young lady. She hopes you like her selfie!


Portrait of a grey cat in an ornate gold and pink frame.


Now it’s your turn to share your selfie. I am certain you will take one that rivals Kizmet’s for adorableness. And I know we and all your other friends want to see it. Don’t worry if you cannot join our hop today, however, it remains open through Thursday.

On behalf of Kitties Blue and myself, thank you so much for participating in our hop. Amazingly, this is week number 440. I truly do not know how those weeks and years passed so quickly!

Wishing everyone an easy Sunday!