January 1, 2023


Sunday Selfies: Week #437

Ginger kitten Raleigh wishes everyone a happy new year 2023 from within his tunnel.


I have to say that I feel pretty lucky to get the first selfie of the new year. I am not sociable when it comes to the humans I live with, which makes getting a photo of me difficult. Two days before Christmas, I was curled up in our old tunnel when this was snapped. Napping and playing in the tunnels are some of my favorite things to do. It makes it difficult for those humans to touch or pet me. I do sleep on the bed at night with my sisfur, Audrey, and a whole lot of the other Kitties Blue, but those humans are sleeping and can’t bother me.

I hope you enjoy seeing me today, as another selfie anytime soon is unlikely.

Please Hop 

We know all of you are probably busy hanging out with family today, but all of Kitties Blue would be grateful if you’d snap a selfie and join us. We think being on the first selfie hop of the year is a pretty big deal, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Of course, we understand if you cannot join us today. The hop always remains open through Thursday, so we’ll be watching for you before then.

Mom and all of us kitties would like to thank everyone who has ever joined us for Sunday Selfies. I cannot even imagine how long 437 weeks is, as I am only 6 months old. But I have been told that some of you have been here almost every single week. That is so pawsome. Thank you.

Purrs and paw-pats, Raleigh