November 9, 2022


Wordless Wednesday


Tabby kitten climbing a chair and playing tug-of-war with a wand toy.


Audrey is popping over to Comedy Plus to join the Wordless Wednesday blog hop.

Looking Back

On Sunday, I announced that on each Wednesday and every other Tuesday, I would be posting a link to one of our old posts. I also will be sending an e-mail to all subscribers with the same link. After ten years of posting, I thought it might be of interest to some of our new readers, as well as long-time followers, to see what we were writing about when we first began blogging.. I’ll be calling this feature, “Looking Back.”

This post, “Hey, Get Your Grimey Paw Off My Pork Chop,” is from July 27, 2012. It was the second post from The Cat on My Head. If you decide to read this, Kitties Blue and I hope you enjoy it and let us know in the comments for the post.

We’ll see you tomorrow with Thankfuls and some Poetry.