September 29, 2022


Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Another fun, inspirational photo was provided by Teddy and Angel Sammy for their poetry challenge this week. Raleigh thought he’d enjoy joining the photo, and the poem is written from his point of view.


Two children and a ginger cat inspect the teeth on a dinosaur fossil.


Oh My, What Big Teeth You Have!

Those are the biggest teeth I’ve ever seen.
I bet that dinosaur was really mean.
Meeting him would have given me quite a fright.
He’d probably gobble me up in one bite.
But the jokes on him, as he is dead,
And I’m right here staring at his big head!
I am certainly lucky to be a cat—
Dinos couldn’t have slept on anyone’s lap.

 © Janet Buickerood Blue – 9/28/2022

Check out Two Spoiled Cats for next week’s inspiration photo by clicking on the poetry badge. When you visit, please take time to read Angel Sammy’s poem. He transmits it to Teddy from the Bridge, and he is a masterful wordsmith!

Thankful Thursday

Kitties Blue and I are always happy when we participate in Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop.

Cooper Murphy is thankful for earning a new merit badge from Cat Scouts University after taking a course and passing a quiz about jellyfish.


Though, Sawyer had a seizure on Sunday afternoon; he, his dad and I are thankful he went just shy of six weeks without one.

Kitties Blue and I are thankful we were able to make a donation to Feral Friends Community Cat Alliance by purchasing $51 worth of items (eight crinkle balls, 10 pounds of cat litter, and two 24-can cases Fancy Feast kitten food) from their Chewy Wish List in lieu of a $40 donation. Lone Star Cats selected Feral friends to receive the donation from our comment-a-thon celebrating Misty May and Angel Mau’s birthday.

And, as always, we all are thankful for your friendship, support, following and comments.

I’ll let you know next week if Dad Tom and I are thankful that for the first time Wednesday night the kittens were allowed to remain out of their enclosure. (They got out once unbeknownst to us until we discovered them romping around the following morning.) This is their first authorized night of freedom.

Finally, we have many friends living throughout the state of Florida, and we are praying that all remain safe.