September 10, 2022


Caturday Art

Kizmet and the kittens have all decided that my walker is a fun place to play. Raleigh kindly posed for a photo while relaxing on the seat.


Art rendering of a ginger kitten sitting on a human's walker turned purple for art in a purple frame.


I used the Kaleido160 effect from Painnt, the Spiral Light filter from piZap at about 50 percent and a frame from the favpng app to create Raleigh’s art.

Raleigh will be popping over to Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s blog for her Caturday Art hop. If you’d like to join him there and/or find links to the art of your fellow bloggers, click on Athena’s badge.

I did make a puzzle for all our jigsaw fans.

preview120pieceGinger Kitten in Purple

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Can you believe another week has slid right by us. I can’t, but it has, which means it is time for you to snap a selfie and then take your Sunday off to enjoy a well-deserved “easy” with your humans. And if you cannot join us tomorrow, it’s okay. Our hop remains open through Thursday.  But you know all the Kitties Blue will be looking for you tomorrow.

As usual, I have no idea which of the rascals will step forward to be your host. So, that’s another reason you need to stop by.

Thanks for checking out our art today.