August 30, 2022


The 150th Adventure

Stinky is waiting by the teleportation tunnel for Periwinkle when he hears the familiar whoosh, and she comes tumbling out. They fall into each other’s paws and share oodles of whisker kisses. When they are finally finished, Periwinkle asks what is on the agenda for their adventure. When Stinky replies, “nothing,” she is dumbfounded.

Periwinkle finally speaks, “What do you mean nothing? This is our 150th adventure. We should be doing something extra special. Am I just supposed to get back in the tunnel and go home?”

“Of course not, silly. I just mean that we are not going anywhere or doing anything special. We are going to do exactly what you have been wanting. We are staying here and playing with the kittens, Audrey and Raleigh.”

Periwinkle begins jumping up and down and clapping her paws together. “Oh, goody. Thank you, Stinky. That is special, and I think purrfect for our 150th adventure. Can you believe it? In a few more weeks, we will have been adventuring for three years?”

Stinky agrees about that being a huge milestone and then tells Periwinkle the kittens are already in the bedroom waiting for them. He continues, “I hope they’re awake. They seem to snooze almost non-stop and do most of their playing at night while the rest of us are sleeping.”

Following in Stinky’s Footsteps

“I bet you’re right,” replies Periwinkle. “I heard about the daring escape from the kitten enclosure of Saturday night. Have you been giving them pointers? I remember that before you took your walkabout in 2021, you had escaped to the roof a few times!”

Stinky’s face reddens as he remembers the three-and-a-half weeks he was missing. He offers to show Periwinkle the photo Dad Tom took of his discovery on Sunday morning in the hopes of distracting her.

“Oh, yes please,” Periwinkle replies to his offer.

“I am sorry that the photo is so blurry,” Stinky tells her.


Collapsed kitten enclosure

Photo by Tom Blue – used with permission.


“Stinky, that is so funny. What do you think happened?”

“Mom and Dad think one of us, probably Kizmet, jumped on the top of the enclosure from the table and that caused it to fold up.”

“Wow, I guess it’s a good thing Audrey and Raleigh escaped. They could have been squished,” replies Periwinkle and suggests they get started with playtime.

Kitten Playtime

When Stinky and Periwinkle get to the bedroom, the kittens are sleeping under the bed. Periwinkle asks Stinky if he thinks they can tempt them to come out with treats. He tells her the kittens are not impressed by treats, and they will probably have to wait them out. Not having any patience for that, Periwinkle gets a wand toy and heads to the bed. She finally entices Audrey to come out. She immediately heads for one of the cat trees and Raleigh follows.

Periwinkle hops up on the tree with Audrey and Raleigh, and Stinky joins them.



“Stinky are you going to come up? Audrey’s trying to see you through that hole in the tree.”

“I’m good here, thanks.”

“Maybe that’s a good idea. Audrey is sharpening up her kitten teeth. You and your fursibs might want to stay clear,” Periwinkle giggles as she tells Stinky.



“Stinky, the kittens sure enjoy playing on the cat trees. It is great that you have two in this room.



“Raleigh is a goofy cat,” remarks Periwinkle. “I sure hope he doesn’t fall out of the tree on his head.”



Tower Toy

“Stinky, I am going to see if I can get them to play with the balls on this tower toy.”

Stinky replies, “That’s one of Audrey’s favorites. I am certain you can get her to play.”



“She’s really good, Stinky. It looks as if Raleigh wants to challenge her.”

“Probably to a wrasslin’ match. They spend a lot of time throwing each other to the floor and letting loose with bunny kicks and neck bites.”

Periwinkle giggles imagining what a sight that must be.


“The kittens have never experienced boxes, so Mom put some out. Dad always says that if one wants to catch a cat, they only need to get a box. Let’s see if it works with Raleigh and Audrey.”



“Come on, Audrey, jump in. Boxes are lots of fun for playing and napping,” Periwinkle tells her.

“Hey, look, Periwinkle. Both kittens have gotten in a box.”



Periwinkle claps her paws together. “Just think of all the fun they are going to have in the future when boxes arrive at your house.”

“Yes, but they’ll have seven other Kitties Blue to compete with,” Stinky replies.

Wand Toy

“Audrey, come try this wand toy,” coaxes Periwinkle. “You can get it if you jump!”



Then it’s Raleigh’s turn to try the wand toy.



“Look, Periwinkle, Raleigh caught the fish! He’s looking at you. He wants to make certain you’ve seen him.”

“Raleigh, that’s terrific! You did a wonderful job,” Periwinkle claps and praises the kitten.

Mouse Game

The kittens have never played the Mouse for Cats game, so Stinky asks his dad to set it up, and he introduces Audrey to it.



“Stinky, look she’s a natural. She figured it out immediately. Where’s Raleigh? We need to introduce him to the mice.” Periwinkle and Stinky begin looking around for Raleigh. Finally, Periwinkle finds him under the bed where he has fallen asleep. “Looks like he is worn out, Stinky.”

Moments later Audrey joins Raleigh. “Well it appears as if they’re done for the day, Periwinkle. This is the longest and hardest I have ever seen them play. Let’s go to the catio and have a snack with the other Kitties Blue and leave these two to nap.” Stinky takes Periwinkle by the paw and leads her to the catio.

“Stinky, thank you so much for arranging for us to spend our 150th adventure with the kittens. I have waited an entire month for this, and I had such a great time showing them new things.” Periwinkle gives Stinky a big paw hug and whisker kiss, which he happily reciprocates.

Unfortunately, the time for Periwinkle to head home arrives. The tabbies spend lots more time hugging and kissing before Periwinkle enters the tunnel, giving Stinky a final wave, and she is gone in a whoosh.

Being just as tired as the kittens, Stinky returns to the catio for a nice long snooze accompanied by dreams of his wonderful girlfriend.

The End

Periwinkle, Stinky, Audrey and Raleigh will be joining the Happy Tuesday blog hop at Comedy Plus.

Note: All photos except the first one were taken by the author, Janet Blue