August 26, 2022


Feline/Frienship Friday

Feline/Friendship Friday consists of our kitten report.

They are absolutely the most laid back kitties. Neither made a peep to or from the vet or while we were there yesterday. They had blood drawn for their feline leukemia, AIDS and heart worm tests and are negative for all. Then they each got two injections, second distemper and first feline leukemia.

That all was after the weigh in. Cooper Murphy better watch out! Raleigh gained just shy of two pounds in four weeks. He was 2.56 pounds at his last weigh in and now is 4.5 pounds. He will be ready for his neuter surgery in four weeks.

Little social butterfly, Audrey, currently weighs 3.96 pounds. She gained almost as much as Raleigh. She was 2.24 a month ago.

Here are some photos from their visit.


kitten report: collage of six photos of 12-week old tabby kittens -- one orange and one brown.


Audrey is getting more orange in her furs, and I think she will turn into a torbie.

The kittens will be participating in the Feline Friday and Friendship Friday blog hops hosted by Comedy Plus and Create With Joy respectively.

Friendly Fill-Ins

As happens most weeks, I needed to get some help with fill-Ins. That help often comes from Sawyer, and it did again today. We both used teal italics for our fill-ins.

1. I collect a variety of items, but most have to do with cats.

2. I recently treated myself to two kittens!

3. I used to get my nails done every few weeks back when I went places (before COVID).

4. Sawyer: Though, I have never turned down treats; I have often refused to eat my noms.

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