August 21, 2022


Sunday Selfies: Week: #418

We only had a few guesses yesterday as to which of the Kitties Blue was represented in our kaleidoscopic art.  Only one follower guessed correctly, Bad Cat Chris‘s Dad, Charles. Our mystery kitty was kitten, Audrey. And here is the photo from which I made the kaleidoscope. As I warned yesterday, it is rather blurry. Even so, I could not resist sharing this tongue-out selfie.

tabby kitten with tongue out in a silver and flower heart-shaped frame reveals herself. heart


This is Audrey’s first Sunday Selfie, so she’s really hoping lots of you will join her here. You can link up today or anytime through Thursday. All animals are welcome regardless of species. Once you’ve linked up, you have the entire day to enjoy your easy with your humans and/or fursibs.


All the Kitties Blue, but especially Audrey, thank you for following, supporting and befriending us.