August 4, 2022


Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

After missing a couple of weeks of writing poetry, I do have a new poem today based on Teddy and Angels Sammy’s inspiration photo. If you follow the blog regularly, you know I have been adding one or more of the Kitties Blue crew to the photos for the past couple of months. I have not so today, as most cats do not enjoy car rides.

Here’s the photo followed by my poem.


The Road Trip: two old ladies wearing sunglasses in a red convertible with their arms in the air, as if riding a rollercoaster.


The Road Trip

Who knew two old ladies could have so much fun
Taking a road trip in the midday sun?
They’ve brought provisions in case they get hungry
And filled their purses with their mad money
Won playing Bingo at church on Friday nights,
Which they’ll spend when they hit the Las Vegas’ lights!
Anticipation of casinos with slots and roulette wheels
Is starting to give these senior ladies the chills.
It’s their first outing together as single ladies
Planning to have lots of fun, though, in their eighties.
They feel they’re not too old to have a last fling
And hope to see one of the impersonators of “The King.”
As they sing along to oldies on the radio in tandem,
They can’t wait for their weekend filled with wild abandon.

© Janet Buickerood Blue – 08/03/2022

To participate in Teddy and Angel Sammy’s poetry challenge, click on the badge to find next week’s inspiration photo. Please read Sammy’s poem when you visit. He’s one of our favorite wordsmiths.

Thankful Thursday

The biggest thankful of the week is that Sawyer has enjoyed another week without a seizure. That is now seven weeks.

Dad Tom and I are thankful that the kittens are doing well. And their housemates seem to be mostly unfazed about having them camped out in the foyer.

As always, Kitties Blue and I are thankful for your friendship, support and following.

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