July 31, 2022


Sunday Selfies: Week 415

If you came by today looking for those pesky little kittens, they aren’t here. I’ll admit they are cute, but so am I. Unfortunately, I refused to take my eyes off the interlopers long enough to take a proper selfie. What I have for you is a profile, and it’s a bit blurry.


distracted selfie: a profile photo of a grey cat


I hope you understand that none of us get it right every time. Distractions can really mess with my abilities, and I bet yours as well. Regardless, I am certain you’ve taken a terrific selfie today, and I’d be so pleased if you’d share it with us and all your other friends. As a reminder, you can enter the hop anytime through Thursday.

On behalf of all my fellow Kitties Blue, thank you for your friendship, support and following. You all are the best friends a blogger and her kitties could hope for.

Purrs & paw-pats, Kizmet