May 15, 2022


Sunday Selfies: Week #404

Tuxie Cat Misty May Misty May's 💖 (heart-shaped) selfie in a frame of multi-colored leafs.

Astrid and I snapped about ten selfies each, and this is one of two Mom thought was worthy of posting. The second photo is also of me, so you’ll see me again sometime soon. Astrid was sitting on Mom’s lap when she snapped her selfies. She couldn’t get a good angle with the iPad, which is why her photos weren’t very good.

Anyhoo, I am here today as your host, and I hope you’ll forgive me for looking down in my selfie. I suspect each of you who join us today will do a much better job than I did. So please share your adorable self with us. You know you want to show yourself off to all your friends.

Don’t despair if you cannot join in the fun today. The hop remains open through Thursday.

Thanks for your continued support and friendship. Have a purrfectly wonderful and restful easy Sunday.

Purrs and paw-pats, Misty May