December 26, 2021


Sunday Selfies: Week #384


last selfie of 2021


Did everyone have a good Christmas? I sure hope so. I know we did at my house, except that Mom said we received way too many cat toys. She even hid some to give us later. She claims that she also hid them to hand out when Kizmet is otherwise occupied. You see, Kizmet thinks everything belongs to her. As Seville would say, “Mouses!”

In all honesty, I took my selfie while I was trying out Sawyer’s new bed, which was a gift from his girlfriend Noelle.  I guess I am no better than Kizmet. Please don’t tell Sawyer. Okay? It sure is soft and comfy.

But I did get my own gifts from my boyfriend’s (Angel Charles) mom. She is always so good to us. I will share about that later in the week.

Anyhoo, I hope you like my selfie. I also hope you took a selfie and plan to join the hop. It is the last one of 2021! If you and your humans are still celebrating the holiday, you don’t have to join today. The hop is open through Thursday.


Before I go, on behalf of myself, all the other Kitties Blue and our mom, I’d like to thank everyone who has joined our hop at any time in past 383 weeks. Thank you also for supporting, following and befriending us. We are some very lucky kitties, as is our mom.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth