October 31, 2021


Sunday Selfies: Week #376


scary Halloween usie


We have what we think is a considerably non-scary usie today. It’s rather silly and lame in our opinion. What do you think? Our mom wanted all seven of us to put on costumes and do a “groupie” photo. However, even when it comes to virtual costumes, we are pretty uncooperative. We think we look best in the fur!

Anyhoo, we are at the mercy of Mom and her nutty ideas, since we neither know how to type or create “art.” Well, that isn’t entirely true. We can type. We just stink at spelling!

Enough about us! It is time for you do either trick or treat us depending on what your mom or dad required you to do when it came to your selfie. The link to add your Halloween or non-Halloween selfie, usie or groupie is below. Also below, you will find a link to a puzzle of this silly photo.

As a reminder, all anipals are invited and encouraged to join us, and the hop remain open through Thursday.

Remember to stay inside tonight and away from the door when your humans answer it to give out treats. It’s a good evening to stay UTB.

Purrs and paw-pats, Cooper Murphy & Sawyer

preview126pieceHalloween Cats